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My art~
Which/would/ be all sorts if I actually uploaded anything o3o


Pictures I like, things I find helpful... and funny... and cool..They just favs!

Recently its been taken over by The Master... I'm not complaining :'D

... and now ponies :'D



Hoover Redesign by High-Low
Hoover Redesign
a revamp/redesign of…
This is Lyssa Eris Hoover and one of the main characters in a novel I hope to write.
She is in her under clothes,  as i'd like to think its been a long day working and she just relaxing on a box after taking her outer clothes off.
Drawn on Manga studio with a bit of photoshop elements now and then.
I so proud of this ; ;

(The beads on her necklace are the colours of the aromantic flag (as she is aromatic), her hair braid has colours form the asexual flag (she is asexual)
on on hand she has a friendship bracelet in the colours of the bisexual flag (My other oc Teddy is bi, with more of a preference for guys) and on the other hand she has a friendship bracelet the colours of the intersex flag (my other oc Cutie-Pie Lollipop is intersex))
The Headcanon Theorist fanart/ art for youtube by High-Low
The Headcanon Theorist fanart/ art for youtube
Ponies I drew for The Headcanon Theorist… (check her out, she really good!)
I love her work so I asked I would draw her 'ponysona' for her to use in her youtube videos.
I did 5 with hats and 5 without.
Added a watermark/not full-size as I don't want these copied or stolen o3o
She had already seen them and loves them and will hopefully use them on her channel soon ;w;

For the use of The Headcanon Theorist only. Art work belongs to Design belongs to The Headcanon Theorist  Not for use to copy, trace, recolour, make a base out of, claim as your own or use. (thanks:'D)
Lemon Drizzle Colt by High-Low
Lemon Drizzle Colt
I was thinking about Lemon Drizzle's backstory and realised that in 'modern day' he would be a colt (hence this picture)
I was thinking he got the idea for making it rain drinks (his special talent) from seeing Discord's chocolate rain maybe?
I also wanted to practice drawing a colt ;w;

drawn with manga studio and photoshop.
Lemon Drizzle by High-Low
Lemon Drizzle
My pony oc, Lemon Drizzle being the daft stallion he is.
He has been a good model for my commission post (yeah, i do pony commissions now! See my journal for more details ;w; ), and though he would like to be a bit of art in his own right.
His special talent is that he can make clouds of drinks, and make it rain said drinks. (Like lemonade!)
Slowly coming up with a back story for him which I will post once I’m done with it ;w;
Drawn with a mix of manga studio and photoshop elements.

Please see my tumblr page for more details ;w;

Please see my tumblr page for more details ;w;


Louisa Jones
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
My name is Louisa, or High-Low

I'm 24 years old.
Grey romantic Ace'

....I never really upload anything, so bug me until I do :P

I'm a huge Red Dwarf fan, I also love doctor who/torchwood too
and Star trek, all series (i should watch it moreee)
I love Welcome to Night Vale
and MLP (not too keen of some of the fans though...)

Current Residence: England

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I normally draw things for my friends but hey generously and all that
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