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My art~
Which/would/ be all sorts if I actually uploaded anything o3o


Pictures I like, things I find helpful... and funny... and cool..They just favs!

Recently its been taken over by The Master... I'm not complaining :'D

... and now ponies :'D



Plum... by High-Low
first time doing anything like this so yeah
Blame my boyfriend who jokingly said to me when i was in the sketch stage to not add any clothes
so i made this version
Which was really fun ;w;

Princess Plum Basket by High-Low
Princess Plum Basket
A new oc!
A new character in that story I claim to be working on? The one with Pie? Yeah, I actually made like... plot development in that, so maybe more 'Beast' oc in the future?

This is Princess Plum Basket, or just Plum
She is a dumbo fancy rat Beast (Beasts being a genetically made animal/human hybrid people in said story)
She seen as a defect due to her tail, which is shorter that it should be and has a kink at the end.
Plum is a total sweetie.
She a bit ditzy (her balance isn't that good), she has a air of whimsy about her? And is very loving to those around her, child-like and just... a total sweetheart, she makes me melt /);w;(\

Also she is chubby and loves it ;w;

story development!

ref used:
(If you look in my scraps you will find this same image but less....clothes)

Bat Cat by High-Low
Bat Cat
So I was asking my friend questions  and I did the typical 'What is your favourite colour?" and 'What is your favourite animal?'
She said she like black and purple and bat and cats.
And I felt like drawing her something?
So this kinda happened ;w;
I used one of my favourite breeds of cat as a reference, the Sphinx cat (as it has no fur, and the cat equivalent of using a person naked/with underwear on), which i think is a lovely breed, and it worked with the bat wings, so i kept her hairless.
This little lady has bad ears too, not that you can really notice as Sphinxs have large ears anyway :P
This is the first time in a while I drawn a feline and i really really enjoyed it.
I also tried a simpler (and some what easier) way to shade, which I am really happy with, and will use again.

I really want to make this little lady into a full blown character, but have no idea on names, i have a bit of a personality building, but a name is always good :P
Ideas anyone?

So yeah, enough rambling, this partly for my friend, partly for me for fun.

Drawn using manga studio
Trubbish- Kawaii Garbage by High-Low
Trubbish- Kawaii Garbage
So i have a new art tumblr where the blog title is 'Kawaii Garbage'

... and you know...puns :P

I really like Trubbish, not sure it its because i'm a poke hipster and everyone seems not to? :P
but yeah its pretty damn cute for a literal bag of trash  ;w;

Drawn using a mix of photoshop elements and Manga studio
trying different shading styles to see what i like
I love tis picture, I'm so proud (as i got it done quickly too!)
It's Lemonade!! by High-Low
It's Lemonade!!
This is Lemonade, a shiny Azumarill.
For some reason (i forget why) me and my boyfriend starting putting her in horror style PR Videos (which is really fun)
so she has this creepy air to her :P

Started of as a pencil drawing that I took a photo of and then worked on digitally using a mix of photoshop elements and manga studio.
I no longer have a tumblr Account, so if you want to contact me, it will be on here.


High-Low's Profile Picture
Louisa Jones
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
My name is Louisa, or High-Low

I'm 24 years old, female pronouns
in a relationship
Currently at uni
Mac user

I try to draw a mix of things but it's gonna mostly original characters, littered with some fan/fan characters.

....I never really upload anything, so bug me until I do :P

I'm a huge Red Dwarf fan, I also love doctor who/torchwood too
and Star trek, all series (i should watch it moreee)
I love Welcome to Night Vale
and My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic

I am a HUGE pokemon fan, and all nintendo in general

Current Residence: England

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