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My art~
Which/would/ be all sorts if I actually uploaded anything o3o



Plum Pillow Sketch by High-Low
Plum Pillow Sketch
A work in progress of my beloved little rat girl, Plum in the style of those.... Love pillows? What are those called?
This is meant to more cute that sexy... maybe both?
Refining her design and tweaking bits.
I also never noticed just how long her hair is... Plum has anyone even cut it? I really like the way the hair is going so far, so yay!
I just really like the idea of having a Plum (and a Pie, but I think she be less willing to be drawn this way...) that I could cuddle
Plum LOVES cuddles and the idea of getting to do that in real life would be awesome... shame I have no idea how to get this onto fabric o3o
I might do two of these? like front and back? (if I get around to taking a reference picture)
This one is still very early days so the design might be subject to change (like if she will be wearing socks or not, still not decided on that one)
Also only part way though making her panties all ruffles.
and the real version of this is waaay larger (as I draw stupidly big)
the background is pink as that what I find it easiest to work on (and the colour of overlays I use to read)
The pose is based of a photo of myself
that you will never, EVER see :P
kinda handy having a character that the same body type as you :P
(Well.. almost.. Plums Boobs are bigger)

I have no idea why I written (In google translate Japanese) 'cute rat squeak squeak' other than the fact I wanted to try writing some Japanese?
There was empty room on the canvas okay? I'm like 99% it won't be on the final image
I'm sorry if it causes any offence.
Ponies In Love by High-Low
Ponies In Love
Alternative title-
My 'Ponysona' (New design i've updated, i'm now very light purple rather than grey, and i have my new cute mark)
and my boyfriend as a pony, he said he'd be a blank blank, so a blank flank he is.
Also all glory and blurry because that what love looks like to me

Drawn with manga studio
Don't steal etc
Cutie Mark Hearts Patches by High-Low
Cutie Mark Hearts Patches
New Cutie mark design ;w;
I feel this one kind of suits me more, as i do more that just digital  art, plus i like ow this one looks
it follows the show rule of only having 3 colours and I like it
It a bit of a sappy idea
Basically, I want to be a councillor/ therapist of some kind (I am studying creative expressive therapies after all!)
and it is hearts with patches- I.e Hearts that have been repaired in someway.... I very sappy ;m;
It also fits into my love of sewing so that works  ;w;

Draw with manga studio

I'm not water marking this as it looks awful water marked...  so don't be Starlight Glimmer now :P

Dusky Moonshine Sonic style by High-Low
Dusky Moonshine Sonic style
This little guy… (who's name is Dusky Moonshine)
in the Sonic The Hedgehog style
He something of a mascot? He's the closest thing to a fursona I have, but he's not me, he's more my companion, but still part of me...(A daemon? A familiar spirt kinda thing)
I can't quite remember why I did this to be honest!
I think I wanted to draw Dusky as an anthro, but somehow got sidetracked and ended up drawing him Sonic style
Which was really, really fun.
I -might- draw him in other styles if i feel up to it.

Doctor Domonic Ursida by High-Low
Doctor Domonic Ursida
a work in progres that i am really happy with
i hope i can get the drive to finish thi as i really like it so far
and it would be great to have a a descent picture of this guy 


Louisa Jones
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
My name is Louisa, or High-Low

I'm 24 years old, female pronouns
in a relationship
Currently at uni
Mac user

I try to draw a mix of things but it's gonna mostly original characters, littered with some fan/fan characters.

....I never really upload anything, so bug me until I do :P

I'm a huge Red Dwarf fan, I also love doctor who/torchwood too
and Star trek, all series (i should watch it moreee)
I love Welcome to Night Vale
and My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic

I am a HUGE pokemon fan, and all nintendo in general

Current Residence: England

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